About Us

Daniels Antiques, established in 1969, is a family owned business with two locations - Aspen, Colorado and Hallandale, Florida which is near Miami Beach. We strive to offer the finest quality antiques in the collecting fields where we focus our attention - primarily black forest antiques, antique English furniture and antique slot machines.

Aspen, Colorado Gallery

431 East Hyman Avenue
Aspen, CO 81611

Daniels Antiques Aspen antiques gallery where we specialize in black forest carvings and furniture

Our small, but delightful gallery in Aspen primarily showcases our collection of Black Forest Antiques - bear and naturalistic furniture, clocks, carvings, wall hangings, sculpture, candelabra and other works of art. This web site highlights much of the inventory in our Aspen shop.

Hallandale, Florida Gallery

2520 S.W. 30th Ave
Hallandale, FL 33009

Our Hallandale, Florida gallery where we sell 18th & 19th century English furniture, antique slot machines, scale models and early 20th century pub bars

Our enormous 17 showroom gallery in Florida houses our considerable collection of museum-quality antique furniture and decorative objects crafted in England and the Continent in the 18th and 19th centuries. The Florida showrooms also display a rare and unusual collection of early 20th century vintage slot machines (for which we also have a dedicated web site), antique ships and other scale models and period Victorian era American pub bars. There is also an additional selection of Black Forest carvings that are available in our Florida shop. Click to view the Florida Gallery web site.


A Brief Introduction to Black Forest Carvings

For many years "Black Forest" carvings were thought to have been produced in the Bavarian Black Forest of Germany, but it has now been established beyond all doubt that they were the sole province of the Swiss. The wood carving industry of Switzerland originated in the picturesque town of Brienz. From humble beginnings of a cottage industry in the early 1800's it grew by the turn of the 20th century to become the industrial driving force of a whole community.By 1910 there were some 1300 carvers plying their trade in the community of Brienz.

The carving industry was driven by the tourist industry; Brienz, Interlaken and Luzern and other such resorts were in vogue with the wealthy Victorians.

Bears were particularly popular, being the symbol for the city of Berne, but musical boxes , musical chalets, furniture large and small, all figured in Swiss carving. The variety was immense, ranging from the religious, faithful reproductions of Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper to the amusing and the whimsical.

Far from being 'mere whimsy' however, Swiss Black Forest carvings were exhibited at the London Great Exhibition of 1851, Chicago 1893, Paris 1900 and at many other of the great international exhibitions of the late 19th and early 20th century. Black Forest carvings stood alongside goods from the likes of Tiffany, Galle and Linke at such exhibitions. Today there has been a tremendous revival of interest for them and the best pieces are highly sort after. 

Taken from the book "Swiss carvings 1820 - 1940" written by Jay Arenski, Simon Daniels and Michael Daniels.